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Do you want to re-discover your confidence and drive, and be more than

“just a mum” or "wife" or "partner"? 

Being a mother is one of the most precious, exciting, frustrating and valuable things you can do.  

But it is so easy to get lost in the job of "being mum", and lose a sense of any other identity. 

The same is true with the other major roles we play in our lives.

As a certified Life Coach and mother of 3, I support women to reconnect with their own

needs and goals, so they can thrive, not only as mothers, wives or partners,

but as the unique individuals that they are.

Unable to visit me in person?  
No worries - I am happy to offer Zoom sessions for those that prefer this option. 


My Story

Welcome!  I am Kathryn, and I want to help you SOAR!

I moved from the UK to sunny Tauranga in 2006 with my family - searching for a better life for my 3 boys.  Despite huge life changes, obstacles and curve-balls, I have never looked back.

Now I want to help you...

I have a particular passion for helping women who are navigating their way forward from being "just mum", "wife" or "partner";

for those who want more but don't really know what they want or how to get there; and for those who lack the confidence to even try. 

Whatever you are searching for; whatever you want to achieve, I want to help you get there. 

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Tailored Packages to Help You Soar!!!

Supporting Your Success

Crossing the River

Life Coaching Sessions

Life throws many surprises at us!!!

And while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to it. 

With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. 

Together we will create a path past your obstacles and towards your ultimate goals,

re-discovering your confidence and individuality along the way. 

I specialise in self-acceptance, confidence and motivation, and provide a confidential, non-judgemental environment to explore and soar. 

Become the woman, mother and unique individual that you want to be.

6 & 12 Session Packages

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Root Cause Therapy

We should look after our mental health as much as we do our physical health.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to repeat the same patterns over and over again, even though you know that they are not serving you well???  It could be caused by subconscious emotions and memories.

With Root Cause Therapy, my focus is to assist you in understanding yourself on a deeper level, not only knowing, but healing, the root cause of your symptoms and/or behaviours.

This unique style of therapy taps into the 4 levels of who we are as a human being (emotional, mental, physical, soul), to leave you feeling more confident, focused and at peace with who you are as a person.

8 week programme (with options to extend)

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BUTTERFLY BLEND - Mindset Metamorphosis

Tailored Transformational packages, using a blend of Root Cause Therapy and Mindset Coaching to help overwhelmed women find their new direction in life, through reconnecting with their own passions and goals, and clearing any subconscious blocks they may have.

8 week programme (with options to extend)

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The RCT Method

In this 12 week programme I help new & aspiring coaches to hit the ground running

with a powerful blend of Mindset & Marketing to attract their first Premium Clients

Find out how THIS METHOD can get you where you want to be in Life & in Business!!!

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

Foggy Waters

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius




Stacey Morgan - Life Coaching Client

So I have found this great.  It's focusing on your future which is something I struggled with and constantly focuses on positivity which is amazing. It helped me work through negative past situations that controlled my life that I actually thought I would never be able to work through and after working through it I was able to let it go and it doesn't control my life anymore. Kathryn is an amazing woman who has had life experiences which gives her that understanding you need when working through things. I think she has picked an amazing job which so many people can benefit from and I'm so thankful for meeting her and what she has done for me and giving me the chance to experience what she has taught me. I feel blessed.


Kerry Gibson - Life Coaching Client

Kathryn is honestly like the “big sister” I never had, and wish I did. I started working with her around 10 months postpartum, during an extremely difficult time. Having a baby had taken it’s time for us, and in that time I had built a successful career, too many hobbies, and the love for travel and exploring. I didn’t quite realise what a shock to my system becoming a mom would be, or just how difficult raising a child as an expat with no family support and in the middle of a pandemic lockdown was. I was anxious, self-sacrificing and depleted. Kathryn gently guided me to start focusing on self-care and putting some personal goals on paper. Each week we met, I made progress and felt better for it. The environment she offers is homely, non-judgemental, honest, empathic and caring. I felt safe speaking with her and looked forward to our sessions. Thank you Kathryn for guiding me, I will always be grateful for your input and support.

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Gisa E - RCT Client

" Kathryn conducted the session very well, and I felt safe which is quite important to me.  I would recommend her as a practitioner, she is doing very well. Kathryn has a very positive and caring way of dealing with her clients. She takes the sessions very seriously, while keeping a light approach, and you can feel that she really genuinely wants to help and support you for the best possible outcome. "

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Tracey M - RCT Client

" The sessions have been amazing. I have noticed an incredible amount of difference in my own thinking. So many things that have constantly played in my head and have caused me ongoing challenges and grief have now been healed. I am so thankful for my sessions."

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Jill H - RCT Client

" Kathryn was extremely professional, relatable and showed a really good knowledge base "


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