My Story

I moved from the Uk to sunny Tauranga, New Zealand in 2006 with my family - searching for a better life for my 3 boys. Despite huge life changes, obstacles and curve-balls, I have never looked back.

In fact, having reached the "empty-nester" stage of my parenting journey, I have just completed the second international relocation of my life - from Tauranga, NZ to Melbourne, Australia.

Big changes are afoot!!!

So... what makes me the perfect person to help you?

After many years of negative self-talk, low confidence & self-esteem a total lack of appreciation for my own self-worth, as well as some pretty significant traumatic events, I took the plunge and enrolled in a Life Coaching Diploma (as much to try and build myself up as to train to be a coach).

The difference that I could see in myself, and the change that others could see in me in just a matter of months was amazing.

Studying Life Coaching reminded me of how much I love learning, so since then I have also attained my certifications as a Root Cause Therapy Practitioner and a Trauma-informed Coach, and I continue to work on my own self-growth every day.

Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram will know that in the last couple of years I have taken MASSIVE leaps outside of my comfort zone by showing up in videos and lives on social media.

If I can go from where I was before (hidden away, embarrassed to be seen, and completely lacking in self-worth) to where I am now - confidently showing up online and driving my business forward with passion - YOU CAN TOO!!!

Through working with some amazing clients and continuing to upskill at every opportunity, as well as continuing my own personal growth journey, I have discovered a huge passion for working with women who have experienced trauma and are ready to start their healing journey.

The "trauma" could be "Big T" or "little t" trauma (If you haven't already check out the Home Page where I describe what they are).

Ultimately, if you are a woman who recognises that events in your past have shaped you in a less than positive way, or if you realise that emotions around past events continue to impact you on a day to day level...

Then I want to help YOU!!!

My Qualifications

"Magic happens OUTSIDE of our COMFORT ZONE"

~ Fay Blakey


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Stacey M

Healing Hearts, Healing Minds


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