Don't believe me, believe them...

Kathryn is honestly like the “big sister” I never had, and wish I did.

I starting working with her around 10 months postpartum, during an extremely difficult time. Having a baby had taken it’s time for us, and in that time I had built a successful career, too many hobbies, and the love for travel and exploring.

I didn’t quite realise what a shock to my system becoming a mom would be...

I was anxious, self-sacrificing and depleted. Kathryn gently guided me to start focusing on self-care and putting some personal goals on paper.

Each week we met, I made progress and felt better for it.

The environment she offers is homely, non-judgemental, honest, empathic and caring. I felt safe speaking with her and looked forward to our sessions.

Thank you Kathryn for guiding me, I will always be grateful for your input and support.

Kerry G

Coaching Client

Before meeting Kathryn I knew I had limiting beliefs but I couldn't quite articulate what was holding me back.

Kathryn's Root Cause Therapy (Specifically the muscle test,) Helped me pin point EXACTLY what was holding me back. I was blown away.

If you are somebody who is sick of self-sabotage but you can't understand why you are sabotaging yourself, book a session with Kathryn.

I promise, you will be able to understand the cause of what's holding you back, and eliminate those pesky limiting beliefs so that you can move forward and finally be happy and successful in life.

Tiffany Y


One of the best things I have done for my mental health.

Understanding how some of my behaviours have come to be, and learning how to change them has made the biggest impact on how I act, and has left me much higher self esteem.

Not only myself but people around me have really noticed a difference, and Kathryn really pulled me out of a hole where I was neglecting myself and letting these behaviours slide.

Kathryn is an amazing empathetic woman and sometimes I really felt like we were just having a chat which made me so comfortable from the get go.

Thank you so much Kathryn, I really feel like I've made a big dent in my mental health journey.

Rose B

RCT & Coaching

Such a great experience with Kathryn.

She is super kind, caring and compassionate.

Has definitely helped me through a challenging time this year.

Would highly recommend

Caitlin N

RCT & Coaching

Helped with everything I needed!!

So friendly, great sense of humour and the RCT is very effective. Highly recommend.

Hannah N

RCT & Coaching

It's focusing on your future which is something I struggled with and constantly focuses on positivity.

It helped me work through negative past situations that controlled my life that I actually thought I would never be able to work through.


Kathryn is an amazing woman who has had life experiences which gives her that understanding you need when working through things.

Stacey M

Coaching Client

Kathryn conducted the session very well, and I felt safe which is quite important to me.

I would recommend her as a practitioner.

Kathryn has a very positive and caring way of dealing with her clients.

She takes the sessions very seriously, while keeping a light approach, and you can feel that she really genuinely wants to help and support you for the best possible outcome.

Gisa E


The sessions have been amazing.

I have noticed an incredible amount of difference in my own thinking.

So many things that have constantly played in my head and have caused me ongoing challenges and grief have now been healed.

I am so thankful for my sessions.

Tracey M


Kathryn is just amazing.

Always making sure I am comfortable and taking the healing at my pace.

I didn't think online was going to work but Kathryn has made it the best therapy of my life and it truly has helped me in so many ways.

I'm so much happier .

Definitely recommend her.

Mariah M

RCT & Coaching

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